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About Us

We are a group of people who is in love with nature and olive fruit. As we investigate, we have discovered its even more magical benefits.The story begins in 2015, With the advice of a professor who lives abroad, based on the knowledge that high phenolic olive oils are used in cancer treatments and squalene for cosmetics that are obtained from olives special to our region.

This adventure begins by searching different regions of Turkey and made laboratory tests from different kinds of olives selected from different territories.
After a 1 year search, we came to a result that the highest amount of Polyphenol could be obtained from South Area Region of Turkey. End of 2015, we began to collect our first olives from the top of the mountains, where there are no roads, we even reached some areas just by boat.
We preferred trees that no one has touched on the slopes, instead of the trees owned by everyone on the plains. We obtained permission to collect olives from forest lands in Muğla. We collected the olives one by one by hand without dropping them on the ground, picked only the undamaged ones and squeezed them in 2-3 hours in September.
We performed our squeezes with the cold press method in our boutique machine running in the range of 17-23 degrees and got 1 lt of olive oil from 40-50 kgs of olives sometimes, where in normal conditions get 1 lt of olive oil from 3,5-4 kgs olives.In our first year, we were very happy to reach 750 polyphenol values. And this year we reached the polyphenol level as 1091mg /kg